New 2.2 version of iWE RAW Editor (HHHR is added)

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Questions about stacking

Hi Serguei,

Thanks for posting about this but above all for your interesting work.

I have some questions about the new stacking module and its capabilities. One of the stacking programs I have used in the past with some success is PhotoAcute Studio. But that program is regrettably not supported any more (or at least not currently) and, while powerful, has some annoying quirks. So I am looking for suitable alternatives.

One of the advantages of PhotoAcute is that you can ask it to stack for multiple purposes at the same time, for example for higher dynamic range using a series of images shot with exposure bracketing while at the same time trying to improve resolution to the extent possible. Another useful feature is that you can tell the program to take image data for any moving subject in a scene from a particular frame so as to avoid ghosting or motion blur or try to remove moving subjects (e.g., people) altogether. Here is a list and description of program features and here's what the interface looks like for the main processing options.

Questions: Which of these features does iWE currently offer and what's your plans when it comes to future additions?

Here's an example of an image stacked with PhotoAcute based on frames shot with exposure bracketing (nine images shot at shutter speeds from 1/8 s to 30 s one stop apart) while asking the program to stack for HDR as well as higher resolution. For obvious reasons, I was using a tripod but moved ever so slightly between each shot to create a bit of oversampling. After stacking, the image has been downsized to the pixel count of the single frames on which it is based.

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