Missed focus or camera shake?

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Doug Haag Senior Member • Posts: 2,535
Re: Missed focus or camera shake?

I followed your previous post on this focus issue but didn't participate,  A number of people in that thread referred to the rules of thumb for shutter speed with different focal length lenses to avoid camera shake.

Now that you have made it clear that you are using the lcd screen and not the viewfinder, I want to point out that those rules of thumb were developed in the film days when the only way to view the scene was through the viewfinder,  So I am not sure if they apply to the way you are shooting.

For stability, I personally feel most comfortable holding the camera up to my eye and only use the lcd for composition when I am using a tripod.  But that's just me because I'm an old codger.  Heck the youngsters shoot their phone cameras while holding them high above their head at concerts or at arm's length pointed back at themselves (for selfies).  So what do I know?

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