A point about the DSLR/.vs./MIRRORLESS

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Re: A point about the DSLR/.vs./MIRRORLESS

It is a simple fact that high performing lenses in Z or F mount are large.  And, unless you are at the very wide wide end, the performance difference is not all the much.  A lens like the Sigma 40MM art in F mount proved out this point a while back.  It is big and perfect and costs no where near what a Z mount lens would.  The closest compare would be the 50MM 1.2 in Z.  Again, big, large and perfect.

Mirrorless has other benefits.  I would not count small FF bodies among them.  The large lenses need a proper body.   In time those bodies will grow.

The future is no doubt headed to MLC, but we are just now seeing the tech get to a place where it achieves all that a DSLR can and more.

Of all the formats, FF was the last that was ripe for MLC tech.  MLC worked well in M43 because the ground up development of the mount and smaller sensor lent itself to some unique advantages.  Among those where high quality lenses, a true balance of size between lenses and bodies,  some interesting tech for the sensors, and great IBIS.  Some of this still holds true today, especially at the long end.

MLC also worked good in MF where Fujj used it to reduce the size of large MF bodies and democratize the format for more mainstream use.  This has largely been a real success because the benefits are obvious.

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