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Re: GR3 minimum shutter speed setting

Tungsten Nordstein wrote:

HenryO12 wrote:

Tungsten Nordstein wrote:

HenryO12 wrote:

Can someone explain this setting to me please. Is it minimum as in fastest or minimum as in smallest number?

When I use it, it doesn’t seem to be a minimum, all my shots are set to that speed. E.g. I set it 1000 all my shots are 1000. I set it to 100 all my shots are 100.

You should see the shutter speed go faster as light levels increase or as you open up the aperture, assuming you have locked ISO. What mode are you using?

Thanks, that’s interesting because this why I asked the question. I was at the beach on Saturday (yes I braved my GR3 with sand!), really bright light, in Av mode, set to f8, min iso100 max iso3200. I tested the min shutter setting a lot. When I set it to 1000 min, every shot was 1000/3200. When I set it to 100 min, every shot was 100/3200. So what I don’t understand is why is the shutter speed hitting dead on the min settings and why is the iso hitting 3200 with ss100 on a really bright sunny day? I had it in highlight priority if that makes a difference?

Yes. Remove the max ISO and see what happens. You are blocking the camera operating by fixing minimum shutter, maximum ISO AND locking the f-stop manually. It's got nowhere else to go in bright light, like John Keiffer says

I presume the 100/3200 was very over-exposed. Was it giving an exposure warning?

What are you trying to achieve? If we knew that someone could recommend an ideal set-up.

Thanks. I’m generally shooting my kids so I need a relatively quick shutter, no slower than 100 I wouldn’t have thought, as they never stop moving. Setting SS to 1000 was just a test really to see what happened. I set ap to F8 so that I can do snap focus at 2m and get most things in focus with a wide depth of field. I set max iso to 3200 to avoid noise. And then I set exposure to highlight weighted as I love the blacks and the dynamic range it produces.

So that was my basic reasoning. But appreciate it is a triangular balance!

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