EOS R3 : Why Only 24MP ?

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Milking customers

chrisD46 wrote:

Curious why such an expensive EOS R3 body would come with only a 24MP sensor size ? You would think at such a high price you would see 48+ MP or larger sensor size .

If Canon was to put out no-holds-bar tech into this R3, what are they going to sell next?  It is hard to have big breakthrough for the next gen cameras.

Others claim that this lower rez sensor is for speed, but the tech we have today can easily do 80MP 20fps.  Look at those crazy handphones 108MP 10bit sensors, and a camera size like the R6 has a lot more thermal headroom to dissipate heat.

So why then do you have overheating problems like the R5?  It's becos Japanese companies (not just Canon) tend to be very slow in adopting newer tech, and in the process can continue milking customers.  The R5 can't even have true 14bit from top to bottom, let's see if the mk-ii version improves on this.  I have friends working in Jap companies in different industries, and they told me the same thing, Japanese mentality and culture is very sluggish in adapting to newer tech, to improve workflow and products.

Few months back I read a news about Japan govt wanting to invest in advance semicon fab plant, and it is in 22nm node.  In their terms this is "advance fabrication technology".   If 22nm is advance tech in the eyes of Japan, imagine the processors used inside the cameras, you can understand why they heat up so fast.

I really hope companies like Leica and Hasselblad can shock the photography world with cameras done on 5nm processors, very high resolution and very high speed in true top to bottom 16bit processing, that really kick those Japanese companies from the rear and wake them up.

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