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timoteotresgatos wrote:


Has anyone here travelled with only a mobile phone camera?

Yes, on a one month road trip in a hire car, to a country that I'd never been to before.

How did you feel about the results?

Although I know that some of the pictures I took would probably have worked out "better" with a DSLR, I am extremely pleased with the results I got.

Did you miss your "big" camera?

No, but...

... once I had made the decision to leave the DSLR and lenses at home, I practised using my iPhone 11 Pro in all sorts of conditions to work out what worked and what didn't. I also loaded two apps (Lightroom and CameraPixels) to make sure I could get raw files when 'needed'.

I took around 1500 pictures overall (not a lot) and have just recently had 550 of them printed into a 10 x 8, 234 page hardback book. Nobody who has seen the book asked me what camera I used, and everybody was impressed with the pictures. Sure, if you are a photographer, and you look close enough, you'll probably spot something to pick holes in (some landscape camera jpgs do seem to get over-processed, hence to use of raw). But I am more than happy with my book.

I will add that the purpose of the trip was travelling, not photography. Yes, I took plenty of panoramas (using stitching, not the built in panorama feature); I took night scenes; I took selfies (no, really!); I took macro type (mainly flowers), architecture and general street, zoos, landscapes, restaurants, and everything you would expect of a holiday trip. I wasn't a photographer, I was a tourist.

I do not regret my decision.

I am currently back using my DSLR.

I am confident enough that I will do it again with just a phone camera.

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