Way forward for hybrid shooting w/ existing lens wardrobe

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Re: Way forward for hybrid shooting w/ existing lens wardrobe

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I am contemplating the way forward for my camera setup and would like some input and feedback.


I've been using a Nikon system since the dawn of time and have been mainly a stills photographer, but have also been shooting some video in the past using regular video recording equipment, not DSLR-style. However, it's been a minute and then some since I was in the game, and I am not at all updated on the mirrorless systems.

Current system is a Nikon D700 with a Nikkor 24-70 2.8 and a Nikkor 70-200 2.8 VR, and a Nikkor 60mm 2.8 macro lens. I am currently using the D700 with the macro lens for DSLR scanning of analouge film negatives. My current stills photography is done with film cameras, not digital.

In addition to the Nikon equipment, I also have a large collection of manual focus m42-mount lenses from the 70s. My research tells me it's popular to use/adapt these for video nowdays.

As I want to create more video (short films, familiy life and the like) I have been looking into what options I have. I don't have unlimited budget, but are prone to stick to a system/setup for a long time and rather pay a little more for a future and bullet proof system.

So my needs for a new digital system are primarily video capabilities and stills photo second (DSLR scanning mainly), and since I have some quality lenses for F-mount I am looking investing further into Nikon.

As I understand it, the Nikon Z6ii has been very well received, both in regards to build a mirrorless video rig around, and also as a stills camera. On the other hand I have the option to get a Panasonic S1H, also well regarded I've been told, for a steal.

The Z6ii comes with the FTZ adapter, so I can use my F-mount lenses nativley, and I need to get some sort of adapter for the m42 lenses, if possible (?). Can the S1H use the Nikkor lenses with an adapter? I know the S1H can use the m42 with an adapter.

I am leaning towards the Nikon due to my Nikkor lenses, but I am not set with that brand. I can sell the whole shebang for a great system. How would you reason about this?


The short answer would be to go with the Nikon Z-series since you already have Nikkors. I can tell you a bit about the L-Mount Alliance, though.

The Panasonic S1H is very high-end, and the L-Mount Alliance brings many advantages - especially with regard to video, manual focus, cinematography, special features, imaging versatility.

There would be some advantages to the S1H and that system, but they may not be significant enough for your use-case to offset the advantages of Nikon continuity.

The mechanical M42 lenses can be adapted to any short-flange mirrourless system with an adaptor from Novoflex, Kipon or others.

The S1H can keep a database of your manual lenses so that the stabiliser and EXIF can be set quickly.

All the Lumix S cameras have multishot mode for super high-resolution scanning or static shots without having to use a computer.

There is a Nikon F to L-mount AF adaptor from Novoflex for the Leica SL/SL2/SL2-S, however, it is unusual because it pre-dates the L-Mount Alliance so the main feature of AF wouldn’t work on the S1H, though it probably conveys EXIF data and the focal length for the sensor-stabiliser (which has to be put in manually for non-electronic lenses.)

Of course, for mechanical Nikon F lenses, there are again Novoflex, Kipon etc adaptors. Some have an aperture control for G-type Nikon F lenses.

The L-Mount Alliance includes numerous high-performance, yet good value lenses from Sigma. This is a major advantage over the Z-system, but only if you plan to buy more lenses. Similarly, Panasonic have some value lenses which have advantages in video mode.

The Sigma fp and fp L are Sigma’s L-mount cameras, and feature extensive cinematography features, as well. The features are different from those of the S1H, though. The chassis is the smallest FF, whereas the S1H’s is among the largest. It is being used to film some scenes in the Avatar II film, so its footage is able to be matched with cameras which cost orders of magnitude more.

I mention the Sigma fp less as another option, since it is less versatile than the S1H, and more because the L-Mount Alliance itself has this advantage of having multiple options and styles in terms of lenses and special features.

The L-mount and Sigma forums here may have more info, and the CineD website and youtube channel can be helpful.

Having said all that, Nikon Z probably makes more sense for you, unless you feel like a change.

Thank you for the very good intro to L-mount! I really appreciate it. I'll have a ponder on the situation, but yeah, Nikon Z makes most sense.

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