I missed a great shot due to the Sony battery warning. How many of you hate this harassment!

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It's Sony protecting their equip

dave wrote:

Third party party batteries purchased in the last couple years bypassed this inconvience. So it only effects older batteries. Dealing with this feature doesn't instill love for Sony's greed. I hope that I don't get lectured by the always use OEM crowd. I have been using good quality thirdy batteries in my A7 series cameras since late 2013 with no issues. That is eight bodies and ten Sony lenses. What would it take to get Sony to add a disable feature or remove it al togather?

It is Sony way of ensuring customers always use original batteries and if anything goes wrong, you are covered within the warranty period.

There are people arguing that you spent thousands on the camera and lenses, why cheapen out on the batteries?

Well, I do use 3rd party, and in May this year, I bought these together with the charger from Aliexpress for my 7r3. So far so good. No error message, and I asked the seller about this before purchase. Capacity is OK, no complain so far from that price & package.


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