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timoteotresgatos wrote:

I wondered how it would work out if I traveled with just my phone? The exposure of this point-and-shoot camera is almost always right on.

All great until you need to zoom in...

I use the phone when I travel, and it's great for snap-shots, to show people who haven't been to a place more-or-less what it looks like. Results are OK when viewed on a computer screen. But you can tell they are phone shots. Hence the reason I bring a (compact) camera..

Tangent: I write about cars for a living. Recently read a mediocre article by a colleague, and the photos were so obviously shot with an iPhone -- great colors but terrible perspective. This is the kind of person who says "The phone is good enough!" and those good-enough photos keep professional car photographers in business.

I don't like bulk either, which is why I shoot APS-C. My Sony 6000 and 18-55 zoom is a great compromise between creative control and travel-friendly size and weight. When I shoot film, if I'm not traveling by car, I usually leave the bulky Mamiya medium-format and Nikon autofocus gear at home and take a compact 35mm SLR, like a Pentax MX/ME Super or Nikon FG.

Rather than give up all creative control, I'd suggest investing in an APS-C or MFT camera, something that's not as miserable to carry as a bulky DSLR.


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