Rf to mft mount possible?

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Re: The RF R3ii is already on the drawing board

ProfHankD wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

ProfHankD wrote:

Basically, we're headed back to the bad old days of lenses only mounting on the camera brand for which they were made....

Surely that is what the major manufacturers have always wanted?

That's far from clear. I think it's just a matter of it having been expedient for most companies to do their own development. In some sense, it's more a matter of CIPA not being a very strong organizing force and having generally very weak standards. About half the camera makers have actually stated intent that their mount would become a standard, but as far as I know, none have been fully open since M42.

Yes it is hard to stay committed to mount interchangeability - the M4/3 seems to have a tight specification but both Olympus and Panasonic have gone their own way in some respects.  I agree that having one's own mount system allows the manufacturer to do their own thing and not be fettered by needing the decision of a committee.

Likewise companies seem to prefer to control their own oem raw file format.

... I think that Panasonic and Sigma have put the eggs of the lenses in front of the camera body chickens and might have some issues getting enough chickens out their to allow their crates of eggs to be hatched. Sigma has a sort of bob each way as they are quite capable of making different mounts (shells) for their eggs.

I don't get this yolk.

Lesser players / late entries have stronger motivation to work together. Sigma, despite being a really major 3rd-party lens maker and a camera maker, is a family-owned business; let's just say they seem to not be invited to a lot of the parties thrown by the cool kids.

Yes as far as I know Canon with RF and possibly Nikon with its Z as not sharing their lens secrets with anyone trying to make for their exclusive cool kid soiree.  At least not until they have sold enough of their own oem lenses to make a decent party.

This presumably led to Panasonic and Sigma getting into the same mount system bed.  Sigma could produce a truckload of lenses quite quickly - (joking) probably more lenses than Panasonic could make bodies - so L-Mount spoiled for lens choice and they can even buy Leica ones as well.  But (say) an average of three lenses for every new L-Mount camera sold is not a lot of lenses.  But I suggest that Panasonic is investing for a longer haul.

Less lens variety and more lenses of each type sold - more lens variety and not a lot of bodies and it might start to be a wonder just how many of some types of lens are actually sold and delivered.

Not so bad for Sigma where the lenses are compatible over several mount systems.  Just make up racks of partly completed stock lenses and fit the mount ends according to demand.  Panasonic on the other hand only makes their FF lenses for L-Mount.

The interesting thing is Nikon Z. They seem to have had a real change of corporate heart in moving from F's longish and narrow mount to the very short and wide Z, and thus arguably making themselves the easiest mount to adapt to (or for 3rd-party lenses to target).

Among other things they possibly were in a greater bind to make their lenses adaptable as they were probably under greater pressure to win over users from other mount systems.

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