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Re: live streams of acoustic concerts

Off The Mark wrote:

If you have a BTS photo (or a shot where the light trees can be seen in action), I would really appreciate it.

Light trees in the opening shot, and again at around 1:10. Those were the main lights, LED Par bulbs, two on each side, probably 250 watt rated. There were four 75 watt colored spot bulbs in the ceiling out in front of the stage, but they didn't do much. I also hung up a work light behind the drummer.

Light trees are made of 1 & 1/2" PVC pipe, which fits over a standard speaker stand. I drilled a hole near the bottom of the PVC pipe to run a bolt through to go through the bolt holes on the speaker stand. I put a Tee at the top, with maybe 12" of pipe on each side, drilled a hole, and hung the Par cans with a wingnut on the bolt. They used to sell these cheap par cans and speaker stands (two trees, two stands, 8 par cans with standard bulb sockets) for around $250. Now they're all LED flat panels with a computer chip control box, which is why I mentioned the used market.

For the shoot, I set up three GX85s (wide in the back of the room up high, Left, Right) and a G7, a Yi (GoPro wannbe) on me (piano player) and a Zcam E1 with a 7.5mm Laowa rectilinear lens behind the stage, all shooting 4k. The handheld camera is a Panasonic V750 camcorder, which only shoots 1080p. The color doesn't match, but on a shoot like this, it doesn't really matter. I also used my Samsung phone on a gimbal for some random shots from the crowd when I wasn't on stage. The zooms on the stationary 4k cameras are all done in editing, rendering to a 1080p output.

Sound was recorded by the guitar player, using his QSC mixer to capture 16 tracks to a usb stick to be mixed later. It was a throw-together show commemorating the 50th anniversary of Woodstock.

Getting back to the topic of this post (sound!) close micing is the only way to ensure a good sound recording. One might get lucky with a stereo mic out in front of the performers, but if it's a live room, which both of the example videos were, the room sound would muddy the performance. With close micing, one can add room sound later by blending in a camera mic, but it's impossible to remove unwanted room sound from a recording done with a distant mic. (I'll usually add a camera mic at the end of a performance to capture the applause.)

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