Sony DSC HX-99 vs Nikon A1000 vs Panasonic ZS80

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Re: Sony DSC HX-99 vs Nikon A1000 vs Panasonic ZS80

Based on reviews and their photos, a Google Pixel 4a has a very good camera and is $349. I can guarantee you that it will take pictures like a phone camera, and that seems to be the criterion you've given for your son.

But if he really is wanting long zoom, then Mom's phone nor this Pixel were never really options. The reviews I've read would give the edge to the ZS80, but I've not used any of these three. Perhaps others have.

These long zoom compacts all have 1/2.3" sensors, so low light performance is going to be worse than the Sony R100 he used.

Each option is better at something:

RX100 - image quality, modest zoom

Modern phone - low light performance , no zoom

Compact superzooms: telephoto, poorest low light performance

He'll needed to prioritize.

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