DTP20 with X-Rite Pulse Color Elite on a Win 10 64 bit system.

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Re: That is what Steve did........

reid thaler wrote:

I also regenerate all my paper ICC profiles once a year as the ink can change and the printer characteristics change. Plus it gives me something to do during the long winter months with all the spectros that I have...............


You must have given the DTP names to keep them straighten out. I have a couple of dead ones in the drawer.

Just masking tape that states Cal or no-Cal.........

I also have 3, I1PROs. My first one is an ES-1000 (rebranded I1PRO) with no scanning guide, got that for $60,

Then I bought one last year for $135 with the complete kit, I though that was a great deal. 8 days later I see an Ebay auction about to end with no bids for an I1PRO Basic. I guess that I1Basic listing title didn't attract the I1Pro buying crowd. I bid the minimum $49.99, won and it was a brand new I1PRO kit in a shrink wrapped box, with only 5 seconds of factory test time on the lamp!!!! I felt like I won PowerBall, that I1Pro normally sold for $1K or more not long ago.

What I'm getting at is that there are very good bargains out there on Ebay, just set up a search to have auto-emails sent when new listings appear.

I'm 71 and probably a a calibrator hoarder. I really don't need anymore spectros but I should get a I1 Studio just to see how well the profiles compare between the DTP20 - I1PRO - I1 Studio..........

Bob P.

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