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BrentSchumer wrote:

alcelc wrote:

Thus is a reason, and only reason to use M43 system. A Panasonic GX85, a 12~35 f/2.8 standard walking around lens (eq to 24~70 of FF), a 7~14 f/4 ultrawide (eq to 14~28), a 45~150 f/4~5.6 tele lens (eq to 90~300) plus a 15 f/1.7 prime lens (eq to 30) for low lighting, has a combined weight of <1.3Kg, while only +/-700g always on my hand... I could reduce >200g if replace the f/2.8 zoom by a f/3.5 kit lens.

Not wish to enter any E war. Tired of it.

Note, I have put in the qualification on the cost of going for the smaller M43 setup: >1 stop for APSC or 2 stops for FF disadvantage on noise on higher ISO. So is the DoF.

On exposure setting f/2.8 of M43 can produce similar lightness image under the same setting as APSC or FF, but has more restriction on going higher ISO (currently the excellent software NR has redrawn such line allowing smaller size sensor to go much higher ISO). As long as my SOOC JPG won't go beyond ISO3200, that bothers me little.

Note that equivalence should also be applied to aperture, so those F4s are F8 and those F5.6 lenses are >F11. At that point you're overlapping poorly with single-lens FF solutions like my A7RIII + 28-200mm F2.8-F5.6 that are 1,200g...

It is regret that Tamron doesn't take M43 serious (sales?). Its only M43 lens was a completely failure and since than, it quit from the system.

Not to enter competition of any kind, just FYI, there is a 14-140 f/3.5-5.6, which has an eq FF AoV of 28-280. Such lens has IQ good as premium class lenses and is only 265g in weight. My wife loves such all-in-one lens solution but I prefer a wider end so not for myself.

like a 14-150mm F1.4-F4.2 on M43 cropping to 18MP on the long end. With shallower depth of field possible and a single lens solution. Throw in an UWA prime for an extra 145g to cover the full gamut.

M43 is in a tricky place with phones eating it from below and FF getting smaller to eat it from above.

Again? Yeah M43 had been tipped death since many years ago...

It might be a toy to some people,  but it is the best compromise ILC system to me. You can't imagine its value without using it. Of course if you don't mind size and weight, it means zero to you also...

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