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Re: Traveling with only a phone camera

timoteotresgatos wrote:

I have a new phone with a 12mp camera which takes great pics and it even does HDR well for those high contrast days. It even shoots raw+high.

I also have a nikon D7000 which takes great pics but weighs as much as whale and is incredibly bulky with my zoom lens.

I wondered how it would work out if I traveled with just my phone? The exposure of this point-and-shoot camera is almost always right on.

I have seen stories on this site and others about serious photographers traveling with only a phone to exotic locations and showing great results

Has anyone here traveled with only a mobile phone camera? How did you feel about the results? Did you miss your "big" camera?

I was hoping to be satisfied with my iPhone 12 PM for travel. I don't think it's quite there yet.

It does have a nice wide lens. I can't stand to be without a UWA lens, if there is any interesting architecture where I am.

It does better in better light.

It looks great, almost all the time, on the small screen.

It lacks a really long lens for festivals, wildlife, and landscapes without partly cloudy skies.

I do enjoy it more than any other phone camera and plan to use it a lot for times when I wouldn't carry a camera anyway.  I also plan to use it for looking at property with other real estate brokers and clients just to document what I see, instead of always carrying a real camera on such outings.  I couldn't do that before, because there was no ultra wide lens.

I'll log on with my phone and post a few.

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