G9 vs. Z6 @ 2.8 in low light

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While I'm not an expert ...

I sometimes wonder if those that comment on stage photography have ever practised it

While I'm not an expert in stage photography by any stretch of the imagination, I have done some stuff that would at least loosely fit in that cataergory. It all came in the rather mundane form of a father shooting his kids in various concerts and stage productions. Even though the subjects will never play Carnegie Hall (famous concert hall in the US) or be in a play on Broadway (I'm guessing you've heard of that one?), I don't think the camera cares much as the lighting etc. should be somewhat similar.

My first attepts were with my GH1. Not sure what lenses I owned then but probably not the best for that stuff. Anyway, I was pretty disappointed in the GH1 in that type of environment. My Canon 20D, while not perfect, performed a bit better (and I probaly had faster lenses which certainly helps). Now these are both pretty ancient so maybe it means nothing. By the time I had acquired cameras with better high ISO capabilities my subjects had retired from their theatrical and musical careers so I've not used my current equipment in that sort of environment.

I have however pretty much given up using flash for anything in recent years so I've shot quite a few photos with available light. Maybe not stage lighting but that certainly covers a variety of challenging lighting conditions. My experience shooting many m43 cameras (including what is state of the art for m43 at least sensor wise) and a few FF cameras (all of which are not the current state of the art) is that the FF cameras perfrom better in low or challenging light.

I told the OP the FF setup he was referencing would be better than his G9. I didn't state that the G9 couldn't make photos of people on a stage. One person here felt the need to assault me (at least as much as can be done by a person with very limited manners and only a keyboard as a weapon) for stating a simple fact that any reasonable person would conclude and that is that a FF camera was the better tool for that type of work.

The best tool for a job means just that. There are of course other stuff that can work and as always the person pressing the shutter button matters but even that does not change the facts regarding the tools.

Nice work you posted. I can only imagine what you could have done with a better camera

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