DTP20 with X-Rite Pulse Color Elite on a Win 10 64 bit system.

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Re: That is what Steve did........

reid thaler wrote:

The ACPU should work fine. Have you tried printing directly from Pulse Color Elite app to see if there is any scanning improvement.

I just printed directly from the Pulse app and read with no issue.

It can be print size related, the print needs to print with exact dimensions or it will fail to scan properly.  I have attached  the scan print with the required dimensions below.

Still not sure of what to make about not being able to calibrate either through the app or manually.

Do you mean calibrating using the white disc?  Do you have problems doing so?  Most older DTP20's seem to not be able to calibrate after a certain length of time.  I have 3 DTP20's that won't calibrate any longer, but still produce excellent profiles.  I also have 3 DTP20's that still calibrate just fine.

Do you find much difference between D50 and D65?

Yes  my profiles will give me very subtle different results between the D50 and D65.

And perceptual vs relative? I find it varies.

I don't knoww hat you are asking here?  You either choose the perceptual or relative intent when printing based upon what colors are out of gamut and soft proofing  results.

And you find there is much difference letting the test target sit before measurement? Mine was about 5 minutes out of the print, dry, and I was so excited reading the first row, I didn't want to stop!

I let all my target prints dry about 24 hours.  I ran a test once spot measuring some control patches over a 24 hour drying period and they stopped changing values at about 12 hours with Epson pigment inks, I just let them dry the full 24 hours.

I also regenerate all my paper ICC profiles once a year as the ink can change and the printer characteristics change.  Plus it gives me something to do during the long winter months with all the spectros that I have...............

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