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Re: OT - down under (my house)

Guy Parsons wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Impressive - myself I dare not make yet another shed. The more space, the more stuff I can find to fill it ….

As it is my original workshop is now merely a storage area with no room to work in it, so all major heavy tools are on wheels so they can be rolled out to use it or to get them out of the way. I built an equal sized protected area under my newly made rear deck (another DIY monster project) and within a very short time it also filled up with stuff and hardly room to use the workbenches there.

As we progress through life we should be shrinking our stuff, such as when my mum finally went to a nursing home her life had to fit in one suitcase. My life could possibility fit in about 4 x 40 foot shipping containers if I shoved it in pretty tightly.

So the rule is that stuff always magically expands to overfill any available space.

I had a very busy professional life, designed then later wrote my own computer systems, have acres, handyman, a fair selection of children.  I was not able to do all this casually so I invested in proper gear.  Tools, a full tractor, implements, taught myself welding, none of this messing around with ride-on - no time for play-farming.

I have always wondered just why it is ok to have flash house and flash foreign car and very basic (cheap?) gear to manage it.

It sort of became a habit, so I now have a fine workshop, and gear that reduces my workload.  Now that I am retired I can divert spare time into wasting it on camera gear and forum chat

I tend to buy well in a category that I can afford and keep.

The reward has been that during the present lockdown I could build several projects with tools that I already own and material which was left over from earlier projects.

You are speaking to a fellow with similar afflictions here.  Something well-bought will surely become useful again if I remember where I stored it ....

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