A point about the DSLR/.vs./MIRRORLESS

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Re: A point about the DSLR/.vs./MIRRORLESS

Bruce Ferjulian wrote:

So all the hype about mirrorless was for size and weight but so far all the mirrorless lenses are larger than their previous counterparts. This is not a scientific analysis but this is a 30k/ft comparison using a 50mm lens which shows the differences are still minor.

Yes, mirrorless is quiet, I'll give it that.

NIKKOR Z 50mm f/1.8 S [ 3.0 in. (76.0 mm) x 3.4 in. (86.5 mm) 14.7 oz. (415 g) ] %17 Wider / %55 Longer / %63 Heavier
AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 D [ 2.5 in. (63.5 mm) x 1.5 in. (39.0 mm) 5.5 oz. (155 g) ]

NIKON Z 7II [ 4.0 in. H x 5.3 in. W 21.7 oz. ] %19 Shorter / %9 Narrower / %33 Lighter
NIKON D850 [ 4.9 in. H x 5.8 in. W 32.3 oz. ]

[ NIKON Z 7II + NIKKOR Z 50mm f/1.8 S ] 36.4 oz. = %4 Lighter but %55 Longer
[ NIKON D850 + AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 D ] 37.8 oz.

So you want to believe that there is not much going for mirrorless. I'm afraid your "facts" don't add up.

No, not all mirrorless lenses are larger than their previous counterparts, rather the reverse. The one Z lens you've picked out is one which Nikon threw everything at to make it the best performing 50mm f1.8 they could, taking full advantage of the Z mount in the process. I have one; it is the sharpest lenses I've ever owned, right across the board. The 50mm f1.8 D isn't in the same league.

You need to compare like with like.

But as has been said before, it's not a question of DSLR versus Mirrorless. They are all cameras; it's a question of which suits you the most. It's not wrong to go for either. But anyone who can't see the positives from the Z system is sticking their head in the sand.

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