Tips for faster cycling (Speedlight SB-600)

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Re: Tips for faster cycling (Speedlight SB-600)

Try setting ISO to 1600 (or what you consider the highest acceptable) instead of auto. This should help at least for the times auto would have chosen a lower number. If you're bouncing flash a flat reflector to kick more light forward may help -- you can rig this with a piece of white pasteboard and a couple of rubber bands. Or if you want to spend money search online for "flash bounce card."

About 2 or 3 seconds recycle sounds right for this type of flash. Some flashes will drop to a much longer recycle time if overheat protection kicks in -- not sure about yours.

If you can keep the flash output to half or less -- using higher ISO, working closer and so on -- you should be able to do at least 2 or 3 pops in quick succession before you have to wait for recycle. If you're careful of your timing that can help.


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