Do You Find Yourself Adding Extras and Additions To Your Fuji Camera?

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Do You Find Yourself Adding Extras and Additions To Your Fuji Camera?

Beyond adding one or more lenses to your new or used but new to you Fuji camera, do you feel the need to add all sorts of extras and additions to make it truly your own?

In a recent late night eBay GAS attack, I bought a Silver Fujifilm X100S. The silver top and bottom plates showed definite signs of wear, but the rest of the cameras was in excellent condition. Most importantly, the lens and all the glass was squeaky clean, everything worked, the shutter count was relatively low, and the asking price was reasonable. The X100S came in the original box, with all of the user documentation, the OEM camera strap, the OEM charger and power cord, 3 OEM NP-95 batteries, a silver Fuji filter adapter with a B+W 49mm UV filter that the seller said he put on the lens the day he got the X100S, an LCD screen protector, and a Leica Kit camera strap. The only thing missing was the silver X100 lens cap.

Of course there is always room for improvement with a couple of additions and upgrades.

  • I have lots of SD cards, so I formatted in camera, two SanDisk Extreme Pro 32GB Type 1 SDHC cards for the X100S.
  • Then I replaced the Leica Kit strap that was on the X100S with my Barton 1972 Original Style Dark Sea Blue leather strap. That I bought for my old Leica M9.
  • Next I added a silver and black JJC soft release that almost matches the design of the X100S dials.
  • Then I added an Oben APG-X100 Arca-Swiss compatible baseplate with an L-bracket and external grip. I removed the L-bracket but have kept the external grip on for now. If the grip proves uncomfortable or annoying, it can also be quickly removed. The base plate matches the quick release Arca-Swiss mounts on my tripod and monopod heads.
  • Last for now, I decided to replace the included paper thin, cellophane like, LCD screen protector because of dirt marks that would not clean off. I replaced it with a Giottos Aegis SP-8306 Schott Glass scree protector. The SP-8306 is the right size for the X100 or X100S and is simple to apply. The Giottos Aegis Schott Glass screen protectors are very similar to the special Blue Sapphire LCD glass that Leica used in several of its P version M cameras to protect the LCD from scratches and similar damage. My used Leica M8 and M9 both had Giottos Aegis LCD screen protectors installed by the original owners and I have used then on almost all of the Fuji bodies I have owned.

Not really anything to add except maybe that missing silver OEM lens cap and perhaps a silver WCL-X100 wide angle adapter…

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Absolutely, I get everything I can find to add to that Fuji camera.
28.1% 9  votes
Maybe one or two spare batteries, but that's it.
65.6% 21  votes
No me, if it didn't come in the box, I don't need it.
6.3% 2  votes
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