Nikon 200-600mm When?

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djrocks66 wrote:

I have been patiently waiting for a long telephoto lens for the Z system. I am now starting to lose patience though. I am using both the Z7 and Z6II and enjoy using the system but having to adapt my Sigma 150-600mm C is getting old. It is very inconsistent with both cameras. It requires a lot of work to get sharp images of BIF. I was hoping by now Nikon would have released something. I know the whole world is upside down with the COVID pandemic but I feel like every other system has their own native long telephoto by now. I guess I should have held onto my D850 and D500. At least they worked well with the Sigma. Sorry to be grumbling here. I am just venting my frustration I will leave you with a recent shot from Grand Teton National Park of a Moose in non motion

I think you have every right to be upset at how Nikon has handled their Z lens line up. One demographic that is keen to pick up new Nikon lenses are nature photographers.  I had the same complaint with Sony before they released the 200-600. I think Canon took the right approach by trying to cover every lens demographic as soon as possible.  Nikon has had problems meeting demand years before Covid so like others have said if they even announce a new lens in Nov/Dec it won't be available to just find at your local camera spot for awhile (took the 500pf a long time to be available).

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