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Re: Events at 500-600mm EFL

Anders W wrote:

Sundre wrote:

Sure. I don't think you can get very good concert shots with any system if you are so far away that you need 600 mm EFL.

So I am entirely new to this, and have only started shooting events in the last month or two after the pandemic restrictions were lifted here in Prague, Czech Republic, which is where I live. There's one venue in particular I've been to twice, it's outdoors and you're generally at least 50+ ft away from the scene; some of the best angles (slight elevation) are as far as 100-200 ft away.

This particular venue saw my photos online and asked to use them in their social media marketing in exchange for free entry. I was surprised that they liked them that much, but happy to oblige.

I will be exploring other venues as well, and most of them will be indoors with much shorter distances. I realise my current gear isn't up to the task, so I am figuring out what I need instead.

This thread has convinced me that renting and trying out various kinds of gear is the only way I will figure it out. I'll start by renting MFT lenses (75/1.8, PL 35-100/2.8, Oly 40-150/2.8 etc.) and later FF gear as well.

That said, all of these were taken with the G9 + 100-300 II/4-5.6 at this particular outdoor venue, at very high ISO settings and cleaned up in DxO Photolab 4. I realise that motion blur and DxO noise cleaning greatly reduce the amount of detail in these, but 99% of the time, people will be viewing these on 5-6" phone screens and nothing else.

For phone screens, these will of course be perfectly OK. Nice shots many of them. When I said you can't hope to get very good concert shots at 600 mm EFL, I was thinking of the technical quality you can hope for and the size of the gear an ordinary person in the audience would be allowed to bring and use.

When considering MFT gear that might give you the reach you need for this particular setting while still being reasonably up to the job in f-stop terms, you might want to take a look at the Panasonic 200/2.8. Not inexpensive and not so small and light but would get you about two stops more light than your 100-300.

Thank you, I will rent the 200/2.8 as well and try it out. At this point, I have no ambitions beyond phone screen audiences. Though I'm sure better gear will make me want to achieve better technical quality anyway

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