Rf to mft mount possible?

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The RF R3ii is already on the drawing board

ProfHankD wrote:

Jordan Seitzinger wrote:

So in light of all the new cinema cameras, particularly for me, the red raptor and Komodo, higher frame rates look really cool but come with a severe sensor crop, so it seems like a good opportunity to use some smaller mount lenses such as APS-C, super 35, and maybe even MFT for 2K cropping, but with the RF flange distance only being .75 MM longer than MFT but significantly wider is it possible for a mount adapter to fit somehow? If it’s recessed or something?

MFT has a significantly smaller throat (about 16mm smaller diameter), which I suspect means you'd be getting serious vignetting with at least some lenses. There is also the issue that RF lenses are generally fully electronic, so you'd need to deal with that. In sum, not likely. In fact, it is almost possible to adapt the other direction, but typical MFT lenses are about 2mm too wide to fit inside the RF mount.

There is a theoretical possibility of adapting RF lenses to Nikon Z, Fuji X, or Sony E/FE, but I think Nikon Z is the only one with a high probability of success.

Basically, we're headed back to the bad old days of lenses only mounting on the camera brand for which they were made....

Surely that is what the major manufacturers have always wanted?

To sell an entry level body with kit lens then the more lenses that their devoted users buy the more they are locked into the brand that they have come to fancy.

Canon thought that they had cracked the perfect egg when they devised and released the electronic EF mount and it was only perchance of the runaway success and huge numbers of EF mount type lenses that made it worth while for effective adapters to be made for them.

Canon made sure that their transition to RF was accompanied by the very best EF adapters ever made. Also surprisingly the first commercial focal reduction adapters EF-EF-M only appeared when the demise of the dslr was officially announced. They had to provide a path for their aps-c dslr body refugees.

Camera and lens manufacturers might make the gear that we love to use but their motivation is truly only another way to make money and lock their customers to their product.

From time to time there have been shared mount systems, but usually these have been stop-gap collaborations between second tier makers in an effort to get enough camera bodies with their mount system out in the hands of users in order to make a market for their lenses.

I think that Panasonic and Sigma have put the eggs of the lenses in front of the camera body chickens and might have some issues getting enough chickens out their to allow their crates of eggs to be hatched. Sigma has a sort of bob each way as they are quite capable of making different mounts (shells) for their eggs.

Panasonic seems to have been intent on making premium niche camera bodies in L-Mount and releases so far seem to bear witness to this. But the R3 and A1 might disappoint that ambition - even if it is ephemeral as such expensive bodies might be on a higher pedestal labelled “UNOBTAINABLE for envy-only”. But such gear sells entry level by the truckload.

Noteworthy for each new digital mount system there was a rush to adapt legacy lenses to it but users quickly joined a collective rant for new lens releases (as they do).

It seems that camera users just must have plenty of new stuff to titivate the innate urge to spend.

Not so much sad as inevitable.

Probably why I have avoided buying new lenses for FF use since my naive rush to spend up big with EF - now I simply adapt and more by luck than divine guidance EF became the electronic lens mount of interchange. I did invest in M4/3 as well.

EF lenses became forever but I simply could not keep up with the pace of the dslr camera body updates. If we must have the best let it be the lenses as the camera body is only as good as the next sensor release if you want to stay at the pointy end of the game The R3ii is already on the drawing board ….

But I survived Samsung NX with two lenses only, Sony E/FE with zero oem lenses and now I enjoy Panasonic in L-Mount with zero lenses. Ricoh GXR-M launched me into MF adapted lenses and any LM lenses I acquired can be adapted. As can my film slr PK lenses.

RF, Z, E/FE, electronic PK and any other early electronic except some Nikon = all dead end streets. But we all love our respective brands.

We know this and are unabashed. Talk to a Samsung NX true-believer and ask just how many most capable lenses they have. Or Nikon One? or Pentax Q?

Heck, I forgot that I have the very nice kit prime that came with the Pentax Q but adapted the rest as usual ….

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