X100s vs x70 vs xf10

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Re: X100s vs x70 vs xf10

roberthd12 wrote:

I am about to pull the trigger on an X70, as I have found a used one that is OK in price. The goal is to get something small, and I shoot very deliberately. Plus, I also want the image quality of that generation sensor.

I can recommend the fujifilm wide angle filter, which is truly amazing, making a 21mm with the same image quality, it takes a few seconds to rotate in place and then feels as part of the camera, you do need to change the settings to make the camera adjust and have the correct exif, this is easiest done by assigning the wide angle to the left function button

I have owned many Fuji and Oly cameras. I have only had one camera that made me so frustrated that I wanted to jump out the window. That's the XF-10. I am happy to read that others are enjoying it. For me, buttons stuck constantly, camera shut off by itself while shooting, AF missed all the time, ridiculously slow, etc. I always had the latest firmware. I sold it after trying to make it work for me.

My X70 has been perfectly trustworthy, feels rock solid, everything works all the time, i feel i can really depend on it, even the autofocus, which is of course slightly slower than new cameras, and the digital zoom is good enough to use (fun fact; the 35mm digital zoom equals a 1” sensor and the 50mm zoom is like a ⅔” sensor

The only minor annoyances is the aperture ring goes from A to f16….f2.8, which means that if you accidentally bump the ring then you will get f16 instead of Auto, has happened to me twice, the ring has clear stop so it is unlikely to happen

The other thing is the all too common Fuji thing that waking from sleep takes longer than turning the camera on, if it has entered sleep mode, then it is easiest  to turn it off and on instead of long press the shutter to wake it

Maybe there are a few badly manufactured ones in the bunch, or QC is questionable on this camera. I think the image quality is good, but the effort killed it. Maybe if there is a version 2, I will try it.

I had their nice compacts X10, X20 and X30 which had ⅔” sensors, they were very interesting, though sadly unreliable to turn on and not as pocketable as the X70, and demanded two hand operation, while the X70 is working fine with one hand, just get a really good handstrap!

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