Any love for GIMP ?

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Re: Any love for GIMP ?

TorsteinH wrote:

Nothing is really static, not even GIMP and Photoshop, except that GIMP is free and Photoshop is not.

Yes, GIMP has improved a lot in recent years, especially with regard to speed (GEGL).

So of course commercial packages as PS, PSP and Affinity to name some has useful functions that's missing in GIMP.

I would not put PSP in that group.

Still GIMP may be plenty good enough for what you need as a photographer after RAW development.

One great feature of GIMP, entirely lacking in Photoshop, is GIMP's ability to ascertain the quality and chroma settings of a JPEG, and save at the same values. This helps reduce JPEG artifacting, which can get really terrible as Q levels change.

Furthermore GIMP is able to save 2x1 chroma subsampling, which is what most digital cameras produce. Photoshop cannot.

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