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Re: live streams of acoustic concerts

If it has to be live streamed, consider getting a small 4 or 8 channel mixer. and mics for the piano and singer/violinist. The camera mic is too far away from the musicians. We're hearing too much room sound. For good sound, you'd want 2 mics for the piano so you can capture it in stereo, and a mic for the singer or violinist. The singer/violinist mic could be a foot away to avoid obstructing the camera's view. Piano mics would either be boomed over the strings with the lid open all the way, or out in front of the piano, looking into where the lid is cracked open. For micing a string ensemble, you'd take your two piano mics and spread them out to capture the string players. Notice how the professionals mic a music performance. That's what you need to do to get good sound.

If your sound source needs to plug into the camera, you can get a "padded" cable that converts line level coming out of the mixer's "tape out" RCA jacks to mic level going into the camera. You'd need a set of isolation headphones in order to adjust the mix. Here in the USA, Extreme Isolation headphones are made for that purpose.

Improving your lighting would really help. Consider finding some LED PAR lights and  lighting trees to be off camera, creating side lighting or back lighting. PAR lights throw the light farther than the new LED light panels everyone is using for live music these days. If you put a spot light on each performer, not from the front but from the side or back corner, it would give them a "glowing" outline.

I took some old school, cheap light trees that held 4 par lights each (in 'cans" that include a slot for a colored gel holder) and cut them down to 2 par lights each, which made them easier to transport and set up in small spaces. I then got 2 more tripod speaker stands and fashioned 2 more light trees out of black PVC plumbing pipe so I could bring all 8 lights on 4 trees if I needed them. You might be able to find a set of these stage lights on the used market. It seems they stopped selling them and moved to flat LED light panels a few years ago.

Last on the list would be another camera, but if you do the above first, you may not need another camera.

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