Comparing Four RF Lenses at 100mm on R5

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Comparing Four RF Lenses at 100mm on R5

I have four RF lens that covers 100mm in focal length. The RF100f2.8L, RF70200f2.8, RF100-500, and RF24-240. I thought it would be interesting to compare them at 100mm.

[Also ignore all the EXIF data as I produced this by stacking pictures in photoshop on top of the RF100f2.8 picture]

All the pictures below are out of the camera JPEGs. I simultaneously shot RAW, and yes, the RAW processed with DPP4 is slightly better, but not enough IMO to justify the conversion effort for this comparison.

I have included both a center target and a target in the far corner.

On the f2.8 lenses, I have shown the lens at f2.8 and f5.6, which is the minimum the zooms can do.

For the RF24-240, I included a shot at f8 to see how much stopping it down would help. Around 100mm is the "sweet spot" for the RF24-240. The RF100-500 was so sharp even in the corners at f5.6 that I didn't bother including it.

On the 100mm f2.8L Macro, the center is as sharp as it gets, and stopping down improves the already pretty sharp corners.

With the RF100-500, it is really hard to tell much difference from the RF100f2.8 prime lens at f5.6.

The 70-200 is once again nearly perfectly sharp in the center at f2.8. It loses just a little in the corners at f2.8. By f5.6, it is also nearly perfect in the corners.

The RF24-240 is certainly not in the class of the L lenses in terms of sharpness. It is still reasonably sharp in the wide-open center, and it is not that horrible in the corners unless you zoom in on the image. Stopped down to f8, the 24-240 is about as sharp in the center at the L-lenses at f5.6.

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