Colour checker alterative to tungsten

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Re: Colour checker alterative to tungsten

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I'm planning to get a colour checker to profile a new camera but all the advice is that one shot should be taken under tungsten light. We haven't had tungsten bulbs for years and it's now illegal to sell them here, so can anyone suggest an alternative?

Thanks in advance.

Arri Tungsten, Kobold Tungsten, Kinoflo KF32, etc

Yup. OP didn't state what country they are in,

They kindof did. The OP's avatar has a Scottish flag in it. And their profile says they live in Scotland. From the EU flag, I guess the OP would like an independent Scotland to rejoin the EU - which makes some sense to me.

Which based on the postings of others - indicates they should still be able to obtain tungsten bulbs sold as "special purpose" - albeit at a potentially increased price.

Yes, and, noticing that the OP is in Scotland (I'm in England), I pointed out earlier that mains-voltage tungsten-halogen bulbs are still available on - though I'm not sure about the quality.   I couldn't find the Osram bulbs that I use.

Fortunately you don't need extreme amounts of lighting power to profile a camera if you use a tripod. My tungsten shots come from a 40 or 60W bulb (can't remember which) and those are still obtainable at reasonable prices even if you're looking for "photographic special purpose" bulbs. They're just harder to find. In the US you can still find them in home improvement stores, in the UK or EU you may need to go to a dealer that specializes in photographic equipment.

Yeah. I use 50W tungsten-halogen GU10 bulbs in a desk lamp for this kind of stuff.

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