What is your DAM process for managing photo/files?

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What is your DAM process for managing photo/files?

I am curious how others are managing their images, both raw and final photo organization. What you use for your final image in terms of sharing/viewing, and such. I am coming at this from a hobbyist standpoint (vacation, pets/family, ...)

For me...

Before (with Lightroom)

  • I organized my images (raw) as \yyyy\yyyy-MM-dd
    Modified in LR.
  • ONLY catalogs designated for export (4/5 stars) I would sync with a separate drive/folder location that was then accessible for sharing (friends/family). If any image changed in catalog, then Lightroom would do delta exports of only the changed images. Used to use google drive/photo to view these folder.
  • Do not keep final images (other than exported/shared folder). All images and associated edits are within Lightroom.

Current (with ON1)

  • I organized my images (raw) as \yyyy\yyyy-MM-dd. ON1 does not handle this on import, so having to manually handle importing of files and folder creation myself.
    Modified in On1 Photo Raw. I do like editor much more than LR.
  • Export to separate drive/folder for sharing. Anytime I have a new image I know will be changed or new one, I flag with a color label. Export those with the label and clear them. This is my crude attempt of tracking what needs to be exported.  Recently switched to Synology photos for sharing these folders.
  • Do not keep final images (other than exported/shared folder). All images and associated edits are within Lightroom.

Thoughts...what I have heard on the wind...

  • Some people keep final copies of images separate from their raws. Even if original is jpg and no edits, they still keep a duplicate in their source/raw folder and in their final folder. Curious if this is best practice or not. If so, how are they structuring their folders.
  • Once final is made, make jpg copy and delete raw. This has me shuddering in horror, but given image sizes are so large now a days, can see some reason to this. Especially with large MP cameras that often get final image cropped.
  • Similar to above, but instead of deleting raw, some archive it out someplace. People experience space issues? If edits are within LR, C1, or ON1, then ensuring sidecart file is included is critical. But also start seeing a disconnect from original raw and and final should desire to re-edit occur.

Just curious what others are doing and how they solve these challenges.

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