G9 vs. Z6 @ 2.8 in low light

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No ...

Anders W wrote:

Can you please explain how gaining roughly one stop with respect to shadow noise (see the DR graph below) at the expense of two stops worth of DoF would make this a better concert photograph?

No. I'm not interested in that graph because I have something much more useful ... real world experiences with both the G9 and a Canon R (which isn't even current state of art FF). He wants to shoot in low light. A FF camera does that MUCH bette than any m43 camera in that environment. I know this because I've used them. No graphs needed.

BTW concentrating on DR isn't the best metric to obsess over for this application, but you're free to obsess over whatever metric you desire. Also the FF camera can always get the DOF of the m43 camera. You just stop down 2 more stops. Photography 101. I've never owned a FF lens that didn't have an aperture small enough to get more DOF when I wanted it.

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