Nikon 200-600mm When?

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Re: Nikon 200-600mm When?

briantilley wrote:

bsinc1962 wrote:

Bronto wrote:

How is the 500pf with Z bodies? Regarding AF and stabilizer, does it benefit from the IBIS in any way?

bsinc1962 wrote:

I feel your pain. I'm using the 500pf and the 70-200S and 2xTC for my wildlife work.

The 500pf works very well. The AF is very accurate. If it's slower with the FTZ I haven't noticed it but I tend to pre-focus on an area anyways. As far as the IBIS I don't believe it gets used with the lenses native VR.

That's not correct. With a VR lens on a Z5, 6 or 7, the two systems work together. Either both are on or both are off - controlled via the camera's Shooting menu, or with the lens VR switch if it has one.

I seem to get the same performance that I did with my D850.

Thanks, that is encouraging to know. However, I have not seen any actual comparisons of how big the advantage eventually is.

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