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for the first time i am trying these optical spots.

I would suggest that the three key things are the availability of Rosco standard-sized gobos for variety; the thickness of included gobos if not (if thicker than a foil the image edges will not be sharp); and the quality of the lens (e.g., chromatic aberration at the shadow edges).

NiceFoto SN-29 looks interesting and cheaper.. i was wondering if you had experience with it? i heard a lot about Godox one so purchased it but it was losing a lot of light

I get f/9+.2 with my Godox setup on a 640 ws strobe adapted from balcar to bowens.  You may need more.  You mention below using continuous lights; I think, but am not sure, that all of the optical spots (certainly the godox setup) prefer focused lights like a Godox S30.

also i was wondering are there any attachment one can buy to put coloured gels in front of these lenses?

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