Rf to mft mount possible?

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Re: Rf to mft mount possible?

Jordan Seitzinger wrote:

So in light of all the new cinema cameras, particularly for me, the red raptor and Komodo, higher frame rates look really cool but come with a severe sensor crop, so it seems like a good opportunity to use some smaller mount lenses such as APS-C, super 35, and maybe even MFT for 2K cropping, but with the RF flange distance only being .75 MM longer than MFT but significantly wider is it possible for a mount adapter to fit somehow? If it’s recessed or something?

MFT has a significantly smaller throat (about 16mm smaller diameter), which I suspect means you'd be getting serious vignetting with at least some lenses. There is also the issue that RF lenses are generally fully electronic, so you'd need to deal with that. In sum, not likely. In fact, it is almost possible to adapt the other direction, but typical MFT lenses are about 2mm too wide to fit inside the RF mount.

There is a theoretical possibility of adapting RF lenses to Nikon Z, Fuji X, or Sony E/FE, but I think Nikon Z is the only one with a high probability of success.

Basically, we're headed back to the bad old days of lenses only mounting on the camera brand for which they were made.... 

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