permissions for photo/filming needed... or not?

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permissions for photo/filming needed... or not?

If out and about [say at the seaside or on the moors]... with camera and spot an unexpected wildlife image/video opportunity... and capture it...

* Can any of the images/clips legally be placed and curated on a stockfootage website (for others to use and return a little income)... if placed as editorial. (not listed for commercial)

... pretty much all of my interest is for education... so:
* would "editorial" allow use for other documentary/educational film makers?
* for editorial use ok to film without permissions (public access areas)


If i was organising a photo/film shoot... i would pre-arrange permissions from the council (for the seaside) and the nation park (for the moors).... but I'm opporating all year as an as-and-when-i-discover-something...somewhere...sometime...

Soooo... does editorial (not commercial) sound a reasonable mode-of-operation?

Any thoughts/knowhow/experience/pointers..
much appreciated
cheers for now

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