Nikon 200-600mm When?

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Re: Nikon 200-600mm When?

Hey nice moose. I was at the south part of Yellowstone last month but unfortunately no moose there to my dismay. Some bison and elk though.

I feel your pain regarding the lack of native Z super-teles. You have more patience that I do. I gave Nikon 6 mos. after the Canon RF 100-500 started shipping and when there was nothing but crickets bought an R5 and 100-500 for wildlife because I'm not getting any younger. Like you, I was not satisfied using adapted glass on the Z7. I still use the Z7 for landscape and still life because I'm not ready to do a complete liquidation of my Z kit -- hoping Nikon will finally get it's stuff together with the Z9 and the Z7 III will be a knockout.

Realistically, the Z9 is expected to become official in Nov/Dec. So that is the earliest a 200-600 would be announced. That means it would probably ship in limited quantity in Feb. because everything from everyone is shipping that way now. Certainly tere is a huge pent up demand for this lens so demand will likely not be satiated for a year. I mean, the RF 100-500, which started shipping a year ago still takes 2-4 weeks to get and it's been out for a year.

I do think your patience will pay off though and the 200-600 will be a spectacular lens. 2022 is likely your year.

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