The secret of longevity of OLYMPUS Camedia product line

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The secret of longevity of OLYMPUS Camedia product line

I were born at 1969, and since 1985 I am working with electronics repairs professionally.

This period of time, when ever I use my 19 years old OLYMPUS products, camera, flash unit, lens, I do become sentimental about OLYMPUS logo that is not here anymore.

Technically OLYMPUS use in most of it cameras, Made in Japan, dry capacitors, this detail translates to unmeasured longevity, due the fact that dry capacitors they can run for ever.

Flash unit this is a different story, it should use one electrolytic capacitor (due circuit design).

Such a Japanese electrolytic capacitor comes with life-cycle specification of 12 years at 24_24_365 days of use.

Camera wall plug - Power supply.

Lots of Low volt , electrolytic capacitor, 10 to 12 years life cycle too.

Camera push buttons

All of them are really dust proof and shielded with in metallic body.

The plastic body of the camera it self, this is another designed shield that block dirt from entering to electronics.

OLYMPUS knew that is in the nature of people, some of using a camera even with wet hands, and therefore they did succeed to design the appropriate shields against water droplets .

Sea water / sweet water

We measure now approximately 19 years, several accidents recorded even within this forum.

The careless one they did discover that a digital camera this does not swim.

The reasonable ones, they have all their OLYMPUS gear still alive.

Zoom lever

In theory, or as good practice, we do not use the zoom lever for every single framing of a picture.

Zoom lever set the object primary working distance from the lens, then auto focus or manual focus will do the final work.

Most people them having the bad habit, to convert their emotions to hands pressure,  is the ones which will destroy their zoom lever prematurely.


Hobbyist photographers, they do not use their gear daily, and this is of why some fragile electrical moving parts (power on / program selector knob), they still keep working for decades, especially when handled gently all times.

Closure : Regards from Greece

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