You want the truth continued

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You want the truth continued

Since Mr Forsten went to the level of telling how I should be editing I decided to continue this useless thread. His replies are Italic

Unless there is a new panel in the current LR, detail is a part of the Sharpening panel.

Are you trying to teach me how LR works? I know what the Detail slider in the Detail panel does. 0-50 is for halo suppression. 50-100 is for deconvolution but you start to lose halo suppression. It is a fine balance between the both depending on ISO. I took a lot of time to learn about it, study it for each camera I use and have apply the correct amount at import - as a starting point.

You apply dehaze and color profile based on ISO? Why? Dehaze is something that one would use on a scene that is low contrast, for whatever reason. It has nothing to do with ISO. Same for color profile.

Why not? DXO PL (rip off company) owners drool about about the same option. I'm on the road and don't have PL installed on my laptop. I can't remember what it's called. It's not smart lighting. It's the same thing as Dehaze and I apply a little it import. What's your problem with this? If you do have a problem I'll call you out if you ever mention this in a PL thread.

Masking applied upon import? What is it that is being masked? How does it know what you want masked and for what purpose?

Masking slider is in the Detail panel. It masks out the background and all areas without edges so noise isn't sharpened. I like to use it. Too bad if you don't. You are missing out.

Lens corrections and CA can already be applied automatically in LR6, and why would ISO matter?

As ISO increases I reduce sharpening, texture, etc and increase NR. You have a problem with this? If you do I don't care. It's the way I like to do it and I won't change it. If I run into an issue I'll come here for help. Until that happens I don't want your help, advice or feedback. I don't recall asking for it.

NR only degrades image quality. I don’t recommend NR at all. Get a camera with a bigger sensor if if that's really important to you and you’ll get much better results. Or, just consider accepting the noise that you already get as nothing bad. Fact is, even down to 1” sensors noise up to ISO 3200 still yields nice image quality.

Yeah so what. Am I editing "your" wedding files" If not then again I don't care what you think.

Why would you want that? You're not interested in creating your own photos from your own ideas? A simple user created import preset can give you more than a decent file, and it will be based on what you want.

What is it your business about how I do things? I create when I want to and go for speed editing when I need to or feel like it. Get out from under your bridge and get a job.

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