Any love for GIMP ?

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Re: Any love for GIMP ?

Tom Axford wrote:

charlyw64 wrote:

TorsteinH wrote:

Noting is really static,

The point is that many of the Youtube or "I abandoned xxxx for GIMP" guys that abandon one product assume that the tool they compare with has been static (often because "subscription means there is no need for improvements")... Thus they start comparing with increasingly obsolete old versions, especially against Photoshop (most of which are stuck at CS2, some at CS6)... And to those a reminder that even the behemoth has been improved massively in every area it covers. Not every improvement may have impacted their area of interest but every area of interest has seen improvements.

I'm sure that is true.

However, I have been using GIMP for about ten years, primarily because it implements the HSV model of colour. As I understand it, even the latest PS still doesn't have HSV.

It has a plugin to decompose into HSL or HSB - which happens to be good enough for any use I might have for such a decomposition (primarily masking). But more sophisticated filter packs can do much more than that (and are more useful because they allow targeting areas based on properties much more precise)...

Unfortunately, PS doesn't have everything that people want. It seems to be aimed primarily at commercial/industrial users.

Which generally are much more demanding than the non commercial users...

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