G9 vs. Z6 @ 2.8 in low light

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Re: G9 vs. Z6 @ 2.8 in low light

SonyX wrote:

rich_cx139 wrote:

Even going from 2.8 to 1.8 glass recovers 1.3 stops.

pls, let me repeat this image for you

Hello Alex

Maybe I wasn't clear - I meant 2.8 to 1.8 on the same sensor recovers 1.3 stops. Apologies.

BTW I see that the T values of these 1.2 m43 lenses seem to be about 1.7-1.8 ( about 1 stop lower ) so you get the DoF advantage but not necessarily that much over the 1.8's in terms of light e.g. the 75/1.8 has a T of 2.0 ( only 1/3 stop lower ) ( all according to DXOMark ). Never understood this.

Re one of your earlier posts - I agree that the FF sensors are obviously better in low light i.e. for moving subjects where you can't use ibis or a tripod.

The problem I usually have ( as an infrequent shooter of people inside ) is not so much noise but getting the depth of field I want for group shots eg around a table ( and without using flash or telling them to hold still and say "cheese" - not a good spontaneous look). On a FF, I am often stopping down to f5.6, say - which, typically gives you the same DoF ( for equivalent FLs / field of view ) as m43 at f2.8. Sometimes you just can't win.

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