D5500 exposure bug

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Re: More info?

Mako2011 wrote:

Dudeney wrote:

The setup:

  • manual mode (M)
  • manual ISO
  • manual focus
  • live view turned ON

I can now take a picture in two different ways:

  • with the physical shutter-release button
  • or by touching the screen (this feature has to be enabled)

The bug is that the two pictures have a different exposure, even though they are reported having the exact same parameters.

Just to confirm...same ISO, same aperture, same shutter speed?

This is not just an issue with the embedded JPEG preview: the two raw files are considerably different in exposure (like, around 1 stop).

Do you have ADL enabled? If so...are you using Nikon software to convert the RAWs? Could be you're not metering the same spot/area

I'm 100% confident every special feature is disabled (ADL, etc...), everything is on manual, same ISO, aperture, speed. Metering is on the whole picture, not spot metering, but this shouldn't play a role anyway since all the parameters are manually fixed. It cannot be a metering issue: I'm setting all the parameters and the two images turn out with visibly different exposures.

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