Upgrading to a6400 (?)

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Ron_FZ wrote:

From what I know, those kind of lenses (18-250\300) don't deliver such good pictures.

It depends whom you ask. Each lens is a compromise between sharpness, distortion, weight, speed, zoom range (if it's a zoom lens). Prime lenses can have a design with the least amount of image defects but they don't have the ease of a zoom lens.
Zoom lenses have a hard time keeping the softness, distortion, etcetera within acceptable bounds. A faster lens is often larger and heavier to allow more light entering the lens. And so on.

The super zooms can be kept quite small (ideal for traveling) but that leads to smaller minimal apertures (the SEL18200LE is f/3.5-6.3). The best sharpness is often reached at f/8-11 or so. At the wide and tele end distortion, chromatic aberration, vignetting, softness, and so on are often worse than in the middle region of the zoom rang.
Luckily the firmware of the camera can correct quite a bit of those defects. Most of the time that only works for lenses of the same brand. Other brands may provide profiles to correct this in post processing software (or the software has support for them).

This actually sounds worse than it actually is. Pixel peepers find all these problems with their lenses. Others just want to take photos and realize that the best camera is the one they have with them to capture the moment. Lighting and composition are way more important than a little distortion.

It is possible that I mainly use 50mm and above, but I would like to keep the wide angel as an option 😅

With an interchangeable lens camera you always have that option. You can switch lenses for each situation. For me it's more important that I can quickly switch between wide and tele than having a pixel perfect image. Because the subjects are most of time young, playing pups a super fast and accurate AF is more important than a fast (lower aperture number) lens.

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