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Re: back button focusing query

Great video, with lots of tips.

But, at 12:25 he sets the shutter button to metering start and says that now the shutter button will not focus. When I do this, and I do it exactly as he describes, my shutter button still focusses. He says setting to metering start takes away focus from the shutter button, but later he calls this "pre-focus".  So I guess that sort of clears it up, I just find the wording a bit unclear.

Also, I can achieve exactly the same by choosing metering start plus AF, so I still don't see any real difference between metering start and metering+AF, because both modes focus (or pre-focus, if you like).  It would be great if some one tried these combinations on their R5, just to see if I am losing my mind or being thick!

Cheers,  Tom

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