G9 vs. Z6 @ 2.8 in low light

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Re: 2 stops.

Sundre wrote:

It's not the sensor, but the lens. Since FF using double the focal length for the same framing as mFT, at the same f-number, the aperture diameter will be doubled, which will result in 4x as much light being projected on the sensor, which will result in a photo half as noisy (all else equal).

This is the part I don't understand at all. And when I google it, or search the forum, everyone seems to disagree... I really don't want to spend time trying to understand the technicalities, I'm not a tech guy. I guess I can rent a Z6 with a lens and see what it's like in real world use...

Sure. The DPR test scene shots I linked pretty much tell the story, but renting and trying it out tells you a lot more about the camera in terms of operation, which may well be more important to you than IQ.

I recommend renting the camera with an 85 / 1.8S prime, a wider f/1.8S prime of your choice, and a 24-70 / 4S.

The f/4S zooms (equivalent to f/2 zooms on mFT) and f/1.8S primes (equivalent to f/0.9 on mFT) are not that big, though. Bigger than mFT, but not hugely so. They're also "reasonably" priced. The longest f/1.8S prime is 85mm (42.5mm mFT equivalent), so I don't know if that's long enough for you.

I would rather use zooms, if they are good enough... Hard to compose well when you're in a crowd.

The 24-70 / 4S will give effectively you a stop over the 12-35 / 2.8 on mFT (e.g., f/4 ISO 12800 should perform as well as f/2.8 ISO 6400 on mFT). However, I don't know if they have a 70-200 / 4S out yet (I think just the f/2.8S, which is big and expensive).

Wow -- that's pretty dark (and/or you're using a really short exposure time to mitigate motion blur).

Very dark. And to avoid motion blur, I had to stay at 1/50s or faster, which most of the time resulted in ISO values in excess of 8,000. Most of my shots came out blurry, even at ISO 12,800.

I don't shoot concerts, but here's a photo I took at 1/50 ISO 6400:

So it looks like you're shooting in light a stop darker than even that!

Well, mFT can give you the same shutter speeds as FF, it's just that it's twice as noisy for the same exposure. Whether twice as noisy is "too noisy", only you can say.

I find myself surprisingly happy with DxO-cleaned high-ISO shots from my G9; but I'm not sure that even ISO 12,800 is enough to avoid motion blur at some events...

Try ISO 25600 and and "deep prime" in DxO's PhotoLab 4. That might do the trick for you.

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