ON1 Photo Raw 2021 Questions

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Re: ON1 Photo Raw 2021 Questions

If you are doing manual HDR blending then one way to do what I think you are asking for is

- adjust one image

- sync the required settings to the other images

- select all images and open in layers (3rd icon down on the right)

- drag layers into the required order

- mask as required to blend the images, luminosity masking is built in and can be adjusted to narrow tones selected, or you can juggle the Apply To settings to target particular zones, invert the mask and then paint in where you need it in a similar way to painting through a selection in Photoshop

- as the different images have been opened in their own layers their individual settings can still be adjusted if needs be

- when happy with the blending create a stamped layer (just in case) and apply any filters you want to merged image

I suspect that 2022 will be out this week as there is an introductory webinar on Thursday (US time) and normally this happens around release time.

If you base things around On1 then it is easy to send images across to Photoshop via Edit In, this will still work in 2022 when it is no longer possible to call On1 PhotoRAW as a plugin from Photoshop, you need the separate plugins for this.

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