ON1 Photo Raw 2021 Questions

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Re: ON1 Photo Raw 2021 Questions

Presets can include development settings, local adjustments, effects etc, with masks for local adjustments and effects (if syncing or creating preset need to click arrow next to these options to reveal option to include masks)

When On1 creates an HDR or focus stacks from a number of images the blending is done behind the scenes so individual components are not visible once the action is completed.

One option for what I think you are trying to do is to adjust one of the images that will make up the HDR or focus stack and then sync it's adjustments to other images before sending the set of images into the HDR or focus stack modules.

While I can see that there might be a need for what you are asking I suspect that only a small number of users would want it. On1 being a small company has to focus its development efforts on things that would benefit the most users. This does mean that it is not for those people who have niche needs that might be better served by other applications like Photoshop.

They do accept suggestions for changes at https://www.on1.com/products/photo-raw/ideas/ anyone who has purchased On1 can submit a suggestion. These are moderated and can take a while to appear, particularly at times like this with the next big upgrade about to appear.

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