Oil on my aperture blades?

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Re: Oil on my aperture blades?

I had the same lens, same problem as others. It was a shame as I really liked the lens, small, light and a better performer than the reviews gave it credit for.

It also had that legacy glass "look" to the images it produced. Hard to explain but very satisfying.

I had the oil problem twice and paid for a clean each time. After the lens showed signs of a third contamination I disposed of it.

To be honest. I'm not 100% certain you are seeing oil on the blades on the photographs, although it's possible. On my lens it was unmistakably oil coating the blades entirely, shiny and irridescent when catching the light.

Maybe there somewhere on the net that has a list of serial numbers and the likely dates of manufacture as I also read the problem was fixed. My lens was quite old, probably one of the first so a likely candidate to suffer from oil on the blades.

There was a rumour that storing the lens face UP on its rear cap seemed to stop the oil migration onto the blades.

If it is oil it will get worse and more obvious and clog the diaphragm leading to over exposure as the lens fails to stop down sufficiently. This wlll obviously be more apparent at apertures F5.6 and smaller. If you tend to shoot towards maximum aperture you may never notice it as the oil never seems to reach the lens elements and thus affect image clarity. Contamination will also be obvious as with the lens off the camera the iris diaphragm will lose its "snap" when manually operated with the stop down lever on the back of the lens.

I've toyed with idea of buying a brand new 35mm F2 D - that's how much I miss it despite having the modern F1.8 version.

Good luck and let us know what transpires. Phil.

PS The more I look at your posted images the less I'm convinced that it's oil and that it's nothing to be concerned about

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