1DM4 didn't record files but incremented file number

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1DM4 didn't record files but incremented file number

Long time user of 1D Mark 4 bodies. I know: they are not supported. Still great though.

Had something happen today which never happened to me before: In the middle of a burst, some files were not recorded to the card(s) but file numbers were incremented.

Note: I write RAW to CF and JPG to SD

On the SD card, files numbers 2697 to 2704 were not recorded.

On the CF card, files numbered 2667 to 2704 were not recorded.

Note, in case you are wondering, I had reset the numbering manually on Friday, first day of the event.

I was holding down the trigger and letting it fill the buffer and write additional images while holding the button down, you get, what, about one frame per second, maybe? It was the only time this weekend I did that - it was a critical moment. In fact it's been years since I did that.

I've never had this error happen before.

Both cards are Sandisk Extreme, never failed me before.


Luckily file 2696 was the last frame I really needed though I didn't have the raw, just JPG. Lucky again the exposure was perfect.

I constantly preach shooting like this: two cards so you at least have JPG-Large for backup. It saved me, but the result was totally new to me.


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