ON1 Photo Raw 2021 Questions

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Re: ON1 Photo Raw 2021 Questions

I am still confused as to what exactly you are trying to achieve.

What do you mean by image layers? Are you building a composite and want to apply the same adjustments to several images each on their own layer? I don't think that there is away to do this but one option would be to create a preset with just the effects included, create new layer and then apply the preset. If you want to add a preset on top of existing settings then you can right click and select insert preset.

If it is an adjustment made to an effects filter then you can save a Style with these settings, which can include blend mode, apply to etc as well as the filter settings.

If you have applied a number of filters then they can be dragged to rearrange the order after applying, or you can select an existing filter and add a new one above it rather than on top.

I have been using On1 for a number of years and have found that virtually all my work is on a single layer with filters and local adjustments but I am primarily interested in enhancing a photo and not doing something more complex such as creating a composite.

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