Any love for GIMP ?

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Re: Any love for GIMP ?

Kumsa wrote:

I was watching Gavin Hoey (what a personable guy) create a composite image with Photoshop and realized that everything he did was available in GIMP.

You will see by many of the replies that Photoshop in fact has many features that GIMP does not have, and that may point up a possible logic flaw in your conclusion.

You concluded that GIMP looks as good as Photoshop because it was demonstrated that everything the guy did in Photoshop was available in GIMP. But that does not mean he showed everything available in Photoshop. What you did not account for is that the demonstrator might not have shown valuable Photoshop compositing features which do exist and save time, but are not in GIMP.

For example, Adobe has put a lot of effort into intelligent automatic selections and mask refinement with AI. Even if the AI masks are not perfect straight away, they are good enough to give a major head start in time over a user who only has GIMP. The comments about nondestructive editing are useful, nondestructive techniques are so important that is one reason I do not use GIMP.

This is not a put down of GIMP. GIMP is an incredible value at free, it would still be a good deal at $10 or $20. It has a few features Photoshop does not. But it is not necessarily accurate to conclude that what Gavin Hoey did was the best way to use Photoshop. He might have only done what has been traditionally done, most of what GIMP has. If he adjusted his compositing technique to use more advanced features in Photoshop, those would not be in GIMP.

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